2018 Summer Tabla Classes - July/August 

Classes are held at John's Studio in Ann Arbor

Summer Classes will be on Wednesday Evenings Starting July 11th and running through August 29th

Summer Tuition for all classes: $200  

Required Materials: 

A set of tabla in working condition. (Tabla are available to borrow to get you started, however it is recommended that students own their own set of tabla). 
A notebook/folder with paper and pencil/pen. 

Optional Materials: 

Recording device (audio and/or video), binder with sheet protectors. 
A metronome/lehera for home practice. (iPhone users should use the iLehera app.) 

Class Policies: 

All students must register for classes. 
Tuition is due on the first day of class. 
Students are expected to attend all classes. Missed classes may be made up by attending any other class during the week. 
Once you are registered for one class, you are welcome to attend any of the classes throughout the semester at no additional charge. 
A regular practice routine outside of class is required. Time and frequency varies with each student, however it does not work to come to class with no practice time outside of class. 

Classes are open to tabla players of all experience levels. Topics covered include: 

Technique Excersizes 
Care for the instrument 
Basic Indian rhythm theory 
Beginning tabla compositions. 
Keeping basic theka including Tintal, Bhajan, Keherewa, Rupak, Jhaptal, etc. 
Theme and variation based ‘kaida’ and ‘rela’ compositions. 
Short fixed ‘tukra’ and ‘chackardar’ compositions. 
Basics of accompaniment 
Compose your own variations to kaida and reyla. 
Solo performance techniques, including improvising variations, composing tihais, and stringing together multiple compositions. 
Microphone and other performance related techniques.